Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil (LP)

Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil (LP)
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Mötley Crüe paved the way for rock bands to push the envelope, and their oversized music and outrageous antics, provided the Los Angeles, CA group an epic 30 plus year run that saw them become the voice of a barely pubescent Generation X, the anointed high priests of backward-masking pentagram rock, pioneers of Hollywood glam, and the creators of MTV's first "power ballad." The Crüe's breakout second effort, Shout at the Devil is the band's heaviest and most intense record and was largely responsible for thrusting the group into superstardom. While Dr. Feelgood remains their best selling album, many fans regard Shout at the Devil as the band's masterpiece and its fist-pumping title track damn near the perfect Mötley Crüe theme song.

  1. In the Beginning (2021 - Remaster)
  2. Shout At the Devil (2021 - Remaster)
  3. Looks That Kill (2021 - Remaster)
  4. Bastard (2021 - Remaster)
  5. God Bless the Children of the Beast (2021 - Remaster)
  6. Helter Skelter (2021 - Remaster)
  7. Red Hot (2021 - Remaster)
  8. Too Young to Fall In Love (2021 - Remaster)
  9. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid (2021 - Remaster)
  10. Ten Seconds to Love (2021 - Remaster)
  11. Danger (2021 - Remaster)


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