Alice Cooper - Killer: 50th Anniversary (Deluxe 3LP)

Alice Cooper - Killer: 50th Anniversary (Deluxe 3LP)
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50th Anniversary Deluxe 3LP Edition with a recreation of the original 1972 calendar that was included upon its release, along with new liner notes from Bill Holdship. Included are newly remastered sound, rare recordings, and previously unreleased live performances. 

Released in 1971, KILLER was the fourth studio album recorded by the founding quintet of singer Alice Cooper, lead guitarist Glen Buxton, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway, and drummer Neal Smith. Bob Ezrin produced all four of Alice Cooper’s platinum albums from the 1970s, including KILLER and SCHOOL’S OUT.

KILLER (DELUXE EDITION) introduces a newly remastered version of the original release, which peaked at #21 on the Billboard albums chart. Along with the singles “Under My Wheels” and “Be My Lover,” the record also includes “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” “Desperado,” and the prog-rock-inspired epic “Halo Of Flies.” The bonus material features alternate takes for “You Drive Me Nervous,” “Under My Wheels,” and “Dead Babies.”

The collection also gives fans an unreleased live recording of the band’s performance at Mar Y Sol Pop Festival in Puerto Rico on April 2, 1972. Recorded a few months before the band returned to the studio to make SCHOOL’S OUT, the show previews “Public Animal #9” from the upcoming album. The band played most of Killer during the concert, including “You Drive Me Nervous,” “Under My Wheels,” and “Halo Of Flies.” They also tapped the group’s 1971 album, Love It to Death, for live versions of “Is It My Body?,”

LP One: Original Album Remastered
Side One

1. “Under My Wheels”
2. “Be My Lover”
3. “Halo Of Flies”
4. “Desperado”

Side Two
1. “You Drive Me Nervous”
2. “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”
3. “Dead Babies”
4. “Killer”

LP Two: Live at Mar Y Sol Pop Festival, Puerto Rico (April 2, 1972)
Side One

1. “Be My Lover” *
2. “You Drive Me Nervous” *
3. “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” *
4. “I’m Eighteen” *

Side Two
1. “Halo Of Flies” *
2. “Is It My Body?” *

LP Three: Live at Mar Y Sol Pop Festival, Puerto Rico (April 2, 1972)
Side One

1. “Dead Babies” *
2. “Killer” *
3. “Long Way To Go” *

Side Two
1. “Under My Wheels” *
Studio Extras:
2. “You Drive Me Nervous” (Alternate Version)
3. “Under My Wheels” (Alternate Version)
4. “Dead Babies” (Alternate Version)

* Previously Unreleased

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