Rammstein - Du Hast/Spiel Mit Mir (7" Vinyl)

Rammstein - Du Hast/Spiel Mit Mir (7" Vinyl)
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Format: 7" Vinyl
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Rammstein re-released their global smash hit “Du hast” as well as new mix of “Spiel mit mir”! “Du hast” is among the Top 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Tracks according to Rolling Stone US: The industrial jam has a goth rave edge to it, with its stomping beat and a couple of techno breakdowns in the back half. Guitarist Richard Kruspe would note that the song is about loyalty, specifically the type of matrimony-like commitment the band made to one another. It’s as catchy as it is hard, with a shocking mass appeal that would lead to a pop superstar like Lizzo gleefully covering it this year.

1. Du Hast
2. Spiel Mit Mir (2023 Mix)


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