Enforcer - Nostalgia (Coloured LP)

Enforcer - Nostalgia (Coloured LP)
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Format: LP
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Swedish heavy metal band Enforcer have proved themselves both live and on record, and in 2023 they stake their place amongst the world’s most renowned heavy metal bands. Enforcer return with yet another uncompromising heavy metal album titled Nostalgia. The album is a reflective look at everything that once existed and a reminder that life is in a constant state of change. It’s a confrontation of the eventuality that, through the destructive force of time, everything withers and ceases to exist. All matter decays into nothingness.

The blindsiding new studio album Nostalgia, featuring 13 heavy metal anthems, throws Enforcer back to their speed metal roots. Fusing extreme guitar riffing with catchy stadium choruses, Enforcer are out to conquer the world with their sixth and most hotly anticipated album to date. 

Side A
1. Armageddon:
2. Unshackle Me
3. Coming Alive
4. Heartbeats
5. Demon
6. Kiss Of Death

Side B
1. Nostalgia
2. No Tomorrow
3. At The End Of The Rainbow
4. Metal Supremacia
5. White Lights in the USA
6. Keep the Flame Alive
7. When the Thunder Roars (Cross Fire)

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