Danzig - Circle Of Snakes (LP)

Danzig - Circle Of Snakes (LP)
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Prepare for another crushing reissue from dark metal god, Danzig. Originally released in 2004, Circle Of Snakes saw the return of the stripped down sound of early Danzig albums and earned high praise from both critics and fans. This is the first studio album to feature longtime touring guitarist Tommy Victor of industrial thrashers Prong. This album is also noted for it's intensely heavy guitars as well as well-rounded vocals that showcase Danzig's rich baritone. Standard black vinyl LP in gatefold jacket.

  1.     Wotans Procession
  2.     SkinCarver
  3.     Circle Of Snakes
  4.     1000 Devils Reign
  5.     Skull Forrest
  6.     Hell Mask
  7.     When We Were Dead
  8.     Night, Besodom
  9.     My Darkness
  10.     Nether Bound
  11.     Black Angel, White Angel

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