The Answer - Sundowners (CD)

The Answer - Sundowners (CD)
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After a seven-year hiatus, The Answer are back. Their long awaited and highly anticipated return comes with a new album that captures the soul of a band, intent on not just reigniting their trademark rock ‘n’ roll spark but burning more brightly than ever before. These four Irish rockers have regrouped and thrown themselves into the creation of album that harnesses a unique energy and relentless passion for rock music.

Produced by rising British rock producer Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Bury Tomorrow, Those Damn Crows) and recorded at Middle farm studios in Devon, the new album promises to be something very special indeed. Says Weller, “I’ve been swamped by loads of rock bands wanting to make records but when I heard these The Answer demos, I was literally gob smacked – fabulous song after song, crafted, kicking ass, it was almost too good to be true, I simply had to get involved”.

        1. Sundowners
        2. Blood Brother
        3. California Rust
        4. Want You To Love Me
        5. Oh Cherry
        6. No Salvation
        7. Cold Heart
        8. All Together
        9. Livin' On the Line
      10. Get Back On It
      11. Always Alright

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