The Id - The Inner Sounds Of The Id / The Alternate Sounds Of The ID (Coloured 2LP)

The Id - The Inner Sounds Of The Id / The Alternate Sounds Of The ID (Coloured 2LP)
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Groundbreaking ‘67 psych album gets the deluxe edition with a whole bonus album of unheard Alternate Sounds!

The Id released a ground-breaking concept psychedelic album in 1967… or was it one of the first of many prefab, made-in-Hollywood psych-exploit LPs? The Id was a garage band made up of turned on, hopped up California hippie types who were way ahead of their time, or were they well-seasoned, multi-talented studio and performing musicians? Paul Arnold conceived The Id, composed and scored every single note and told the band exactly what to play and how to play it. Or did the band write about half of the material? The Id came and went with a lot of questions about who they were, why they were and why they weren’t.

What we have here, in addition to the weird-as-all-get-out original LP, is a bonus LP bearing a largely instrumental take on the album that really brings the rhythm section to the forefront. We were very pleased to be able to work on these tracks with bassist Glenn Cass, as the bass really comes through on these Alternate Sounds. One of the first things Glenn told us upon hearing this altered vision of the Id record was how sad he was that Don Dexter was not here to enjoy it with us.

It took over 50 years for Glenn to hear these alternates, as the tapes were thought to be lost for some time. These newly discovered unheard alternate takes shed light on the amazing instrumental dynamics that went into the making of the original LP. As if it were cosmically summoning us, The Id found its way back to the future and we can now begin to finally solve one of rock & roll’s great cult mysteries.

Like Glenn Cass, let’s just kick back, tune in, turn on, and let this new twist on a 50 year old favorite melt our minds!

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