VV (Ville Valo) - Neon Noir (Hardcover CD)

VV (Ville Valo) - Neon Noir (Hardcover CD)
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In the annals of 21st century alternative rock history there are few artists who cast a longer or more peculiar shadow than Finnish love metal pioneer Ville Valo. "Loveletting," the first single off VV's debut album Neon Noir out in early 2023, suggests this new infernal mix of light and shade is nothing short of a landmark release from one of modern music's most distinctive and intriguing voices.

1. Echolocate Your Love
2. Run Away From The Sun
3. Neon Noir
4. Loveletting
5. The Foreverlost
6. Baby Lacrimarium
7. Salute The Sanguine
8. In Trenodia
9. Heartful of Ghosts
10. Heartful of Ghosts
11. Zener Solitaire
12. Vertigo Eyes

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