Kovacs - Child Of Sin (Coloured LP)

Kovacs - Child Of Sin (Coloured LP)
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A shaven-headed chanteuse hiding the voice of a soul legend beneath her fluffy bear hood, Sharon Kovacs is an enigmatic phenomenon. Emerging from the music college and improvised open mic nights in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, she has forged her own unique path through life's devious twists and tangles, and entranced the globe with her wicked allure. The Bond-like tango noir of her 2013 EP My Love, partly recorded in Cuba, was an instant European hit, even reaching #1 in Greece. In 2015 her debut album Shades Of Black charted in 36 countries, making the top 10 in Germany and hitting #1 in her homeland. 60 million YouTube views, a modelling contract with Viva Paris, a clutch of awards and high-profile sets at major festivals and a Robbie Williams support slot later, Kovacs' dark, raw, bare-hearted soul with distinct touches of the greats (Holliday, Simone, Bassey, Winehouse, Portishead's Beth Gibbons) is on the verge of making her a sultry superstar.

Child Of Sin is the brand new 2023 album. Its title track and also first single features German singer and megastar Till Lindeman. The album features the additional singles “Not Scared Of Giants”, “Fragile”, “Bang Bang” and “Goldmine”. This 10-track set is available as a limited edition, pressed on voodoo coloured vinyl and includes an insert.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes insert
  • Brand new 2023 album
  • Featuring the single “Child Of Sin”, a duet with TILL LINDEMANN
  • Also includes the singles “Not Scared Of Giants”, “Fragile”, “Bang Bang” & “Goldmine”
  • Limited edition on voodoo coloured vinyl

Side A

1. Fragile
2. Goldmine
3. Child Of Sin (feat. Till Lindemann)
4. Bang Bang
5. Freedom

Side B

1. Love Parasite
2. High Tide
3. Motherless Boy
4. Not Scared Of Giants
5. Mama

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