Madrugada - Chimes At Midnight: Special Edition (CD)

Madrugada - Chimes At Midnight: Special Edition (CD)
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This special edition of Madrugada's critically acclaimed album “Chimes At Midnight” comes with alternative artwork and 5 new songs. Four of the tracks are previously unreleased/unheard brand-new songs written and recorded during the “Chimes At Midnight” sessions. The final and fifth track is a new duet version of “You Promised To Wait For Me” featuring Norwegian artist Ane Brun - an already established concert highlight from selected live shows this winter/spring, where Ane joined the band on stage to sing the song in addition to their other hit single “Lift Me” from 2006.

1 Nobody Loves You Like I Do
2 Running From The Love Of Your Life
3 Help Yourself To Me
4 Spanish Computer
5 Slowly Turns The Wheel
6 Imagination
7 Dreams At Midnight
8 Call My Name
9 Empire Blues
10 You promised To Wait For Me
11 The World Could Be Falling Down
12 Ecstasy

(extra songs)
13 If I Was The Captain Of This Ship (new song)
14 Heaven Coming Down (new song)
15 Warmer Than Gold (new song)
16 True Desire (new song)
17 You Promised To Wait For Me (feat. Ane Brun)

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