Avatarium - Death Where Is Your Sting (Coloured LP)

Avatarium - Death Where Is Your Sting (Coloured LP)
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Label: AFM
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Formed in 2013, female fronted Swedish doom metal band AVATARIUM has since grown into a big name in the scene. The evidence provides chart successes such as number 36 in Germany and number 29 in Switzerland. Featuring the talented musicians of Edling (bass), Marcus Jidell (guitar), Lars Sköld (drums), Carl Westholm (keyboards) and Jennie-Ann Smith (vocals) and streams collected after more than 3 million streams, they release on 21st April 2018. October 2022 their heavy and dark album "Death, Where Is Your Sting". With this album, AVATARIUM once again prove that they combine doom metal with classic and hard rock of the 1970s like no other band before.

1. A Love Like Ours
2. Stockholm
3. Death, Where Is Your Sting
4. Psalm for the Living
5. God Is Silent
6. Mother Can You Hear Me Now
7. Nocturne
8. Transcendent

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