Rory Gallagher - Deuce: 50th Anniversary (2CD)

Rory Gallagher - Deuce: 50th Anniversary (2CD)
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50th Anniversary 2CD Reissue featuring New Mix of Original 1971 Album Plus Previously Unreleased Alternate Takes & 7 Radio Bremen Radio Session Tracks

The 50th anniversary of Rory Gallagher's sophomore solo album from 1971 is celebrated with an expanded vinyl 2CD reissue which includes a new mix of the original record plus a cutdown of previously unreleased alternate takes, and seven Radio Bremen radio session tracks. Released in November 1971, just six months after his eponymous solo debut, Deuce was the summation of all that he'd promised in the wake of Taste's collapse. Rory wanted to capture the feeling of a live performance, so he would look to record immediately after live concerts while keeping production to a minimum. He chose Tangerine Studios, a small reggae studio, in Dalston in East London, due its history with legendary producer Joe Meek. With Gerry McAvoy on bass guitar and Wilgar Campbell on drums, the album was engineered by Robin Sylvester and produced by Rory. Deuce features many Rory highlights, from the blistering "Crest Of A Wave" to the Celtic-infused "I'm Not Awake Yet."

1. Used to Be - 50th Anniversary Edition
2. I'm Not Awake Yet - 50th Anniversary Edition
3. Don't Know Where I'm Going - 50th Anniversary Edition
4. Maybe I Will - 50th Anniversary Edition
5. Whole Lot of People - 50th Anniversary Edition
6. In Your Town - 50th Anniversary Edition
7. Should've Learnt My Lesson - 50th Anniversary Edition
8. There's a Light - 50th Anniversary Edition
9. Out of My Mind - 50th Anniversary Edition
10. Crest of a Wave - 50th Anniversary Edition

1. Used to Be - Alternate Take 1
2. I'm Not Awake Yet - Alternate Take 1
3. Maybe I Will - Alternate Take 1
4. Whole Lot of People - 12 String Acoustic Alternate Take 1
5. In Your Town - Alternate Take 3
6. Should've Learnt My Lesson - Alternate Take 3
7. There's A Light - Alternate Take 1
8. Out of My Mind - Alternate Take 3
9. Crest of a Wave - Alternate Take 2
10. Should've Learnt My Lesson - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
11. Crest of a Wave - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
12. I Could've Had Religion - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
13. For The Last Time - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
14. Messin' With The Kid - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
15. Don't Know Where I'm Going - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
16. Pistol Slapper Blues - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971

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