Mos Generator - Songs For Future Gods (Coloured LP)

Mos Generator - Songs For Future Gods (Coloured LP)
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Format: LP
Label: THE LAB
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Originally released back in 2007, out of print for a long time,  sophomore album by the US Stoner Rockers, Mos Generator!

Limited edition of 300 copies on Silver coloured vinyl newly remastered with updated artwork and gatefold sleeve.

Side A

  1. Silver Olympus
  2. NandV
  3. Son of Atom Smasher
  4. Wizards of the Prophecy Pen
  5. Into the Long Sleep

Side B

  1. Yes My Lord
  2. Lumbo Rock
  3. Sleeping Your Way to the Middle
  4. Acapulco Gold
  5. Y’Juana

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