Sven Vath - Catharsis (3LP)

Sven Vath - Catharsis (3LP)
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Catharsis is Sven Väth's first solo album in almost 20 years, and the 50th album to be released on his incomparable label, Cocoon Recordings. Produced alongside Gregor Tresher, it arrives on the 25th February 2022 and is a musical autobiography that charts Sven’s most extraordinary life in techno.

Without the West German-born Väth, techno would look, sound, and feel very different. Since falling in love with electronic music and DJing in 1981, his dedication to the art has never faltered. He plays every party as if it were his last. His broad smile has connected with millions of people around the world. His colourful and curious character has imbued techno with a personality it was often lacking. His selections remain hugely unpredictable, despite the fact that he has been playing around the world for more than forty years. To remain not only relevant but innovative after so long is a testament to Sven's ability to connect through music on a deeper level. 

An adventurous album that captures the good times, the sad times, and most importantly, the times of hope. 

1. What I Used to Play
2. The Worm
3. The Inner Voice
4. Catharsis
5. Feiern
6. Mystic Voices
7. Being In Love
8. Butoh
9. Nyx
10. The Cranes of Gangtey Valley
11. We Are
12. Silvi’s Dream
13. Panta Rhei

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