Savatage - Gutter Ballet (LP)

Savatage - Gutter Ballet (LP)
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A turning point for the band: Savatage’s 1989 studio album exploring the more progressive sound. Even the album’s regal front cover demonstrated the band’s continued musical evolution. To quote producer Paul O’Neill: “Savatage was graduating from being a heavy metal band to becoming more than a heavy metal band. On Mountain King, we had toyed with a little bit of more symphonic, progressive side, but we hadn’t taken it as deep as we did on Gutter.”

Mastered for vinyl and reissued with the original cover design, enhanced artwork including a 12pages LP booklet with extensive liner notes by Clay Marshall.

  1. Of Rage And War
  2. Gutter Ballet
  3. Temptation Revelation
  4. When The Crowds Are Gone
  5. Silk And Steel
  6. She's In Love
  7. Hounds
  8. The Unholy
  9. Mentally Yours
  10. Summer's Rain

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