The Tea Party - The Tea Party (Coloured 2LP)

The Tea Party - The Tea Party (Coloured 2LP)
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Canadian rock trio The Tea Party offers up a brand-new remastered colored 180g vinyl 2LP edition of their iconic first album, The Tea Party! For fans of the band, The Tea Party has remained a collectible album since its release in 1991. It was originally recorded as a demo which the band submitted to several record companies. However, the band was not signed to any recording contract and decided to release the album independently. The album production is relatively lo-fi, and the band re-recorded several of the songs for their follow-up Splendor Solis, but only 3,500 copies of the album were made. This new edition comes 30 years since the album's initial "indie" release and includes remixed and remastered audio by Stuart Chatwood, updated images, and liner notes.


  1. Let Me Show You The Door
  2. Midsummer Day
  3. Little Miss Heaven
  4. Winter Solstice
  5. Save Me
  6. Sun Is Going Down


  1. Watching What The Rain Blows In
  2. Fallen Angel
  3. Dreams Of Reason
  4. Goodman Rag
  5. All My Charms
  6. Baby What You Trying To Do

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