Parov Stelar - Moonlight Love Affair (CD)

Parov Stelar - Moonlight Love Affair (CD)
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With his ninth studio album, Moonlight Love Affair, Austria's Parov Stelar returns to his exploration of the love affair between electronic dance music and organic elements. Moonlight Love Affair is meant to represent a relationship in which there are no boundaries. Longtime fans will find familiarity in tracks like "Candy Girl" or "Dirty Mariposa" with their retro-chic aesthetics, while vocalist Mani Hoffman (of Supermen Lovers fame) ignites "Better Believe" and "Black Bird". "Toxic Lover" revels in the use of a sample from the now-ubiquitous Shangri-Las' song "Remember (Walking in the Sand)". As with his last musical efforts, the artwork is done by Stelar himself, this time with a captivating piece entitled I Can See Music, I Can Hear ArtMoonlight Love Affair shows all facets of the artist. Raw and unvarnished, thereby vulnerable, powerful and beautiful.

  1. Fire
  2. Candy Girl (feat. Vallemarie)
  3. Golden Dawn
  4. Better Believe (feat. Mani Hoffman)
  5. Black Bird (feat. Manni Hoffman)
  6. Dirty Mariposa
  7. AKH Odessa (feat. The Russian Gentlemen Club)
  8. Venom
  9. Toy Boy
  10. Toxic Lover
  11. Lights Off (feat. Anduze)
  12. Above the Ground (feat. AVEC)

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