Fire In Little Africa - Fire In Little Africa (2LP)

Fire In Little Africa - Fire In Little Africa (2LP)
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Oklahoma hip-hop collective Fire in Little Africa's self-titled debut via Motown/Black Forum is a groundbreaking album bringing together 50 of the most talented independent rappers, singers, musicians, and producers in the state to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and introduce Tulsa's hip-hop culture to the world. Artists pay homage to Black Wall Street and process the trauma of the past while turning a hopeful eye towards the future.

  1. Elevator
  2. City Of Dreams
  3. Shining
  4. Descendants
  5. Regardless
  6. Party Plane
  7. Been Through It All
  8. Drowning
  9. Ourworld
  10. Top Down
  11. Creme Of The Crop
  12. 918: Thug Town Skit
  13. Watchu On
  14. P.o.d
  15. Reparations
  16. P.o.d. Pt. II
  17. Raw Cocaine
  18. The Rain
  19. North Tulsa Got Something To Say
  20. Brunch At The Brady
  21. Young + Free

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