Johann Johannsson - The Miners’ Hymns (2LP)

Johann Johannsson - The Miners’ Hymns (2LP)
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Jóhann Jóhannson's 2011 release The Miners' Hymns was the haunting product of a collaboration between the Icelandic composer and acclaimed American avant-garde filmmaker Bill Morrison (Decasia). The Miners' Hymns is the score for Morrison's film of the same name, a collection of richly evocative imagery treating the plight of coalminers in Northeast England. The Miners' Hymns is performed by a 16-piece brass ensemble led by noted Icelandic conductor Gudni Franzson and features the Durham Cathedral organ and organist Robert Houssart.

  1. They Being Dead Yet Speaketh
  2. An Injury To One Is The Concern Of All
  3. Freedom From Want And Fear
  4. There Is No Safe Side But The Side Of Truth
  5. Industrial And Provident, We Unite To Assist Each Other
  6. The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope Of The World

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