Royksopp - Lost Tapes (2LP)

Royksopp - Lost Tapes (2LP)
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Lost Tapes is a monthly release of rare B-sides, exclusives and even some previously unreleased tracks from Röyksopp. Now the first 10 tracks from the series are released on heavyweight 180g vinyl 2LP for the first time. Röyksopp on the Lost Tapes series: "Upon renovating our arctic chateau here in the desolate north, we came across an old sea chest containing an abundance of [tracks]. We thought the only right thing would be to make these 'hard-to-find' tracks available..."


  1. Rising Urge
  2. I Wanna Know
  3. In The End
  4. Church
  5. Across the Graveyard
  1. Rescue
  2. I Just Don't Understand You
  3. Ice Machine
  4. Shores of Easy
  5. Were You Ever Wanted?

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