Stereophonics - Oochya! (2LP)

Stereophonics - Oochya! (2LP)
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Oochya! follows up Welsh rockers Stereophonics' previous album, Kind, which went to No. 1 in the UK album charts in 2019, outselling nearest competitor Kanye West by over 10,000 copies. As the band celebrate their 25th year, lead single "Hanging On Your Hinges" is a gloriously unshackled palette cleanser for fans ahead of the multifaceted Oochya! With distorted question-and-answer vocals and scuzzed-up guitars, it's a song that harks back to some of the band's loudest moments, drawing on Kelly Jones' love of garage rock. After 18 months of lockdown, "Hanging On Your Hinges" is an optimistic yet defiant howl as the band get back to doing what they do best.

Jones had the following to share about the track and the new album: "‘Hanging On Your Hinges' was influenced by my love of early ZZ Top and darker stuff like Masters of Reality and maybe some Iggy Pop too, and probably nods back to ‘Bartender & The Thief'. It's the song on this album that says ‘Oochya!' more than anything else, so it's something we wanted the fans to hear first. Having done some really emotionally lead and songs on the last album (‘Kind'), we decided to come back with a bang this time, give the fans something to get a little loose to. The album title (‘Oochya!') was always a saying me and the band used in the studio to mean "let's have it" – a blast of energy and optimism and that's what we wanted to get across with ‘Hinges'."


  1. Hanging On Your Hinges
  2. Forever
  3. When You See It
  4. Do Ya Feel My Love?
  5. Right Place Right Time
  6. Close Enough To Drive Home
  7. Leave The Light On
  1. Running Round My Brain
  2. Every Dog Has Its Day
  3. You're My Soul
  4. All I Have Is You
  5. Made A Mess Of Me
  6. Seen That Look Before
  7. Don't Know What Ya Got
  8. Jack In A Box

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