Marianne Faithfull - The Seven Deadly Sins (2LP)

Marianne Faithfull - The Seven Deadly Sins (2LP)
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In 1933, legendary German twentieth century theatrical/musical figures Kurt Weill, who wrote the music, and Bertolt Brecht, who wrote the lyrics, collaborated with the supreme ballet master George Balanchine to create this series of art songs as a ballet. The Seven Deadly Sins is a studio recording of Kurt Weill's satirical ballet chanté (sung ballet) of the same name by Marianne Faithfull with the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dennis Russell Davies. It is a perfect match of voice timbre and sound wished for by the composer. The husky and weary voiced Faithfull does these songs as they were intended to be done, her voice a beautiful match in tone and color.

1. Prolog
2. Faulheit
3. Stolz
4. Zorn
5. Vollerei
6. Unzucht
7. Habsucht
8. Neid
9. Epilog
10. Alabama Song (From "The Rise and the Fall of the City of Mahagonny")
11. The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (From "The Threepenny Opera")
12. Bilbao Song (From "Happy End")
13. Pirate Jenny (From "The Threepenny Opera")

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