Whitesnake - Restless Heart : 25th Anniversary (Coloured 2LP)

Whitesnake - Restless Heart : 25th Anniversary (Coloured 2LP)
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In the wake of Whitesnake's massive global success, the band's founder and lead singer, David Coverdale, set out to record his third solo album in 1995. However, the plan was derailed when pressure from his record label forced him to change course and release Restless Heart under the David Coverdale & Whitesnake moniker. Despite the changes, the 1997 album was a Top 40 hit in the U.K. Surprisingly, the record was never released in the U.S. That changes in the Fall of 2021 with Rhino's introduction of a newly remixed edition of Restless Heart on silver coloured 180g vinyl 2LP.

LP 1
01. Restless Heart
02. You're So Fine
03. Can't Go on
04. Crying
05. Take Me Back Again
06. Anything You Want
07. Too Many Tears

LP 2
01. All in the Name of Love
02. Your Precious Love
03. Can't Stop Now
04. Woman Trouble Blues
05. Stay with Me
06. Oi (Theme for an Imaginary Drum Solo)
07. Don't Fade Away
08. Can't Go on (Unzipped)

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