The Velvet Underground - A Documentary Film By Todd Haynes (2CD)

The Velvet Underground - A Documentary Film By Todd Haynes (2CD)
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This 2CD soundtrack is curated by the documentary’s director, Todd Haynes, and music supervisor Randall Poster. It includes well-known and rare tracks from the band as well as songs and performances that influenced The Velvet Underground, including the doo-wop of The Diablos, the groundbreaking rock & roll of Bo Diddley, and the avant-garde compositions of La Monte Young. Its booklet also features exclusive liner notes by Haynes.

1. Venus In Furs
2. The Wind - The Diablos
3. 17 XII 63 NYC The Fire Is A Mirror (excerpt) - The Theatre Of Eternal Music
4. Heroin [mono]
5. Road Runner (Live) - Bo Diddley
6. The Ostrich - The Primitives
7. I'm Waiting For The Man
8. Chelsea Girls - Nico
9. Sunday Morning

1. Sister Ray (Live)
2. Pale Blue Eyes
3. Foggy Notion
4. After Hours (Live) Version 1
5. Sweet Jane
6. Ocean
7. All Tomorrow's Parties

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