Black Label Society - 1919 Eternal (Coloured 2LP)

Black Label Society - 1919 Eternal (Coloured 2LP)
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Black Label Society is a heavy metal band formed by Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist, Zakk Wylde. It is a vehicle for his true vision of unfiltered rock 'n' roll, inspired by guitarists like Frank Marino and Al Di Meola and vocalists such as Ray Charles and Ronnie Van Zant. 1919: Eternal was Black Label Society's third album, originally released in March of 2002 as the follow-up to 2000's Stronger Than Death. It was the album that really broke through for the band, attracting a much wider audience and emphasizing the group's now much heavier sound. The album is dedicated to Wylde's father and his birth year of 1919 gives the album its title. 1919: Eternal also sees some of the bass duties being taken over by Robert Trujillo, who would later go on to join Metallica.


1. Bleed For Me 
2. Lords Of Destruction 
3. Demise Of Sanity 
4. Life, Birth, Blood Doom
5. Bridge To Cross 
6. Battering Ram 

1. Speedball 
2. Graveyard Disciples 
3. Genocide Junkies 
4. Lost Heaven 
5. Refuse To Bow Down 
6. Mass Murder Machine 
7. Beserkers 
8. America The Beautiful

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