Helen Merrill - Lilac Wine (LP)

Helen Merrill - Lilac Wine (LP)
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Format: LP
Label: VERVE
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2003's Lilac Wine is the last album to date from distinct jazz singer Helen Merrill. The nine track collection is comprised of songs that she had never recorded with the exception of the title track. She continued to push to the future here as she took the composition, "You," from the English rock band Radiohead, and gave it her own interpretation, accompanied by her son, rock singer and composer, Alan Merrill.

  1. Lilac Wine
  2. Wild Is The Wind
  3. Pierre
  4. Something I Dreamed Last Night
  5. Love Me Tender / How Sweet You Are
  6. The Island
  7. One More Walk Around The Garden
  8. Portrait Of Helen Merrill
  9. You

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