Styx - Crash Of The Crown (LP)

Styx - Crash Of The Crown (LP)
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Styx created a unique sound through their subtle combination of hard rock, prog rock and a healthy understanding of what makes a power ballad, powerful. A new era of hope, survival, and prosperity comes calling on Styx's new magnum opus, Crash of the Crown, the band's first studio album since 2017's The Mission. Though the 15-track album takes a hard look at some inherently dark subjects, the prevalent light at the end of the tunnel eventually becomes each song's focal point – a persistent fervor to keep moving forward and achieve the greater good. Drummer Todd Sucherman told Audio Ink Radio that the new material touches on the band's "progressive side with always a big, heavy emphasis on melody and lyrics." Featuring "Crash of the Crown," "Reveries" and more.

  1. The Fight Of Our Lives
  2. A Monster
  3. Reveries
  4. Hold Back The Darkness
  5. Save Us From Ourselves
  6. Crash Of The Crown
  7. Our Wonderful Lives
  8. Common Ground
  9. Sound The Alarm
  10. Long Live The King
  11. Lost At Sea
  12. Coming Out The Other Side
  13. To Those
  14. Another Farewell
  15. Stream

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