Orgone - Connection (Coloured LP)

Orgone - Connection (Coloured LP)
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Connection is the new ten song LP from Los Angeles powerhouse Orgone featuring collaborations with Cyril Neville, Kelly Finnigan, Pimps of Joytime, and more. A spiritual follow up to fan favorite Bacano, Connection is gritty, lean, and tight soul and funk at its best. It explores the invisible threads that bind us all, spiritually, emotionally, and artistically. Much like the collage that adorns the cover, this hard hitting collection of songs illuminates the essence of Orgone: a musical pastiche of different vocalists, heavy riffs, vintage production, and a core rhythm section that never disappoints. Orgone's tenth studio album, the synergy created in these songs demonstrates that the whole is truly greater than the sum of all the individual parts and players.


  1. The Vice Yard
  2. Junk Man (feat. Cyril Neville)
  3. Love Will See Us Through (feat. Pimps of Joytime)
  4. The Truth (feat. Kelly Finnigan)
  5. This One Time (feat. Jesse Wagner)
  6. Delightful (feat. Masauko)
  7. Jawbone
  8. Party People (feat. Pimps of Joytime)
  9. This Space (feat. Black Shakespeare)
  10. The Way


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