Carpenter Brut - Blood Machines O.S.T. (LP)

Carpenter Brut - Blood Machines O.S.T. (LP)
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With Blood Machines, Carpenter Brut reunites with Seth Ickerman film director duo (Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard) to continue exploring the universe of Turbo Killer. United by their passion for cinema and '80s music, the movie follows two space hunters tracking down a ship trying to free itself. After taking it down, the ghost of a young woman pulls itself out of the carcass, as if the spaceship had a soul. Trying to understand its nature, they start chasing the woman through space..

  1. Intro
  2. Blood Machines Theme
  3. Attack Of The Amazons
  4. The Ceremony
  5. Mima
  6. Souls Wreck
  7. Touchdown
  8. Heart Ship
  9. The Last Ceremony
  10. Bloody Kisses - The Swift
  11. Lago's Sleep
  12. Grand Final
  13. Gone Now


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