Donny Hathaway - A Donny Hathaway Collection (Coloured 2LP)

Donny Hathaway - A Donny Hathaway Collection (Coloured 2LP)
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Dark Purple Vinyl Double LP!

Beloved Career Retrospective On Vinyl For The First Time!
Includes "A Song For You" & "This Christmas" Plus Duets With Roberta Flack!

Though his recording career was quite brief, Donny Hathaway has continued to be one of the most influential soul artists of the last four decades. He was a talented songwriter with the ability to write songs that provided, in a secular format, the depth of the most heartfelt gospel music; and he was a remarkable song stylist who defined (or redefined) nearly every song he touched.

His tragic death by an apparent suicide in 1979 cut short his career but for an artist who only recorded three solo studio albums, Hathaway left an incredible mark on soul music. Younger soul artists from India.Arie to Frank McComb to Alicia Keys to Kenny Lattimore consistently list Hathaway as among their principal musical influences, and his imprint on their music is clear. He was a perceptive and powerful songwriter and clearly one of the greatest Soul voices ever.

Side One:

  1. A Song For You
  2. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
  3. You Were Meant For Me
  4. Back Together Again (with Roberta Flack)
  5. Where Is The Love (with Roberta Flack)

Side Two:

  1. For All We Know (with Roberta Flack)
  2. Someday We'll All Be Free
  3. Giving Up
  4. The Closer I Get to You (with Roberta Flack)

Side Three:

  1. You Are My Heaven (with Roberta Flack)
  2. What's Goin' On (Recorded live at the Troubadour, Hollywood)
  3. The Ghetto

Side Four:

  1. To Be Young, Gifted And Black
  2. You've Got A Friend (with Roberta Flack)
  3. This Christmas

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