Martin Barre - Away With Words (Coloured LP)

Martin Barre - Away With Words (Coloured LP)
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Martin Barre served as the guitarist of Jethro Tull for over 43 years and his sound and playing were certainly major factors in their success. Purple Pyramid presents a colored vinyl/new artwork reissue of Barre's 2013 release, Away With Words which showcased his unique skills as a musical arranger, blending original compositions with songs from the Tull catalog.

"Arranging and representing the Tull songs featured on this album became a very pleasant and rewarding task," Barre explained. "These lesser known songs have always been amongst my favourite pieces of music and reworking them brought back many good memories. My own compositions have been written to compliment and enhance these pieces. Composing and arranging is my passion, and bringing together the many acoustic instruments was a delight for me, but of course, the electric guitar couldn't be totally left out of the picture! I hope you enjoy the results of this project as much as I have."

  1. At First Light / Moths
  2. Its My Round / Requiem
  3. One Brown Mouse / Fatcat
  4. Air: Lament Of The Spalpeen / Martins Jig / Hymn 43
  5. All Bars Hold
  6. Pussy Willow
  7. Snapshot / Paparazzi
  8. Long Ago / Home
  9. Fire At Midnight / From The Ashes
  10. Protect & Survive
  11. Spare A Thought / From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser
  12. Sundown

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