Neil Young And Crazy Horse - Way Down In The Rust Bucket (4LP Box Set)

Neil Young And Crazy Horse - Way Down In The Rust Bucket (4LP Box Set)
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One of the Most Iconic Concerts of Neil Young's Career: Incendiary Way Down in the Rust Bucket 4LP Captures Marathon November 1990 Show at Catalyst Club with Crazy Horse

Recorded on November 13, 1990 in Santa Cruz, the concert documented on the 4LP Way Down in the Rust Bucket represents one of the most significant and storied shows of Neil Young's fabled career. Staged just after the release of Ragged Glory – the striking album that preceded and influenced the impending explosion of similarly energetic, distortion-addled rock that became known as grunge and changed the face of  popular music – the set finds Young pairing with his longtime cohorts in Crazy Horse and turning in a marathon performance for the ages. Intended as a loose rehearsal for an arena tour at the Catalyst Club, a venue whose intimate confines only seems to stoke the band's energy, passion, and enthusiasm (not to mention its connection with the audience), it is the stuff of legend.

For decades, the results have lingered on trading sites as a sought-after bootleg. No longer. Way Down in the Rust Bucket presents the three-set, three-hour-plus affair in unmatched fidelity while providing context of the occasion's momentousness. In addition to harboring the public debut of Ragged Glory material like "Love to Burn" and "Mansion on the Hill," the gig marks the first time such classics as "Danger Bird " and "Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze" were heard live by fans. Not to mention the spirited versions of "Cinnamon Girl," "Sedan Delivery," and "Like a Hurricane" found here hold their own with any other commercially available renditions (including those on Rust Never Sleeps and Live Rust).

Available as a 4LP set (this version) or deluxe edition containing four LPs, two CDs, and a DVD of the entire concert directed by Bernard Shakey (and containing one extremely memorable and exclusive cut, a 13-minute "Cowgirl in the Sand" not on LP or CD), Way Down in the Rust Bucket is the Neil Young Performance Series volume fans have been awaiting for years. Go ahead, spook the horse, and grab this must-have vinyl set now.

  1. Country Home
  2. Surfer Joe And Moe The Sleaze
  3. Love To Burn
  4. Days That Used To Be
  5. Bite The Bullet
  6. Cinnamon Girl
  7. Farmer John
  8. Over And Over
  9. Dangerbird
  10. Don't Cry No Tears
  11. Sedan Delivery
  12. Roll Another Number (For The Road)
  13. Fuckin' Up
  14. T-Bone
  15. Homegrown
  16. Mansion On The Hill
  17. Like A Hurricane
  18. Love And Only Love
  19. Cortez The Killer

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