Roosevelt - Polydans (Coloured LP)

Roosevelt - Polydans (Coloured LP)
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Roosevelt is always looking for that special moment. The producer – Marius Lauber – utilizes outstanding electronics, matching club tropes to pangs of melancholy, all wrapped up in gorgeous melodies. Inventive early singles such as "Montreal" led to the outstanding debut album Roosevelt and the bold, addictive follow-up Young Romance, but increased success seemed to take him away from his core desires, from his musical roots. After that meteoric success, he decided to refocus himself on the more intimate, immediate bond he'd felt initially with electronic music. Hearkening back to the intimate rooms that he got his start in, he longed to reclaim the beating heart of the genre; the connection and shared unity with fans.

Polydans is built around those bonds. It's got the energy of a club experience, the implicit communication between a musician and the crowd. "There's something really honest about playing dance music because you can actually see the response of the people in milliseconds," he insists. "I think there's something really rewarding in that". ‘Polydans' brings back the feeling of club culture into his live shows, where every moment feels electric and alive with nuance. With Polydans he returns to his foundations. it is a re-connection to his musical roots, but also one that introduces startling new elements; a record dominated by warm lights, Balearic sunsets, subtle hues, and an analogue aesthetic. It's a tour de force of Roosevelt's incredible musicality – indeed, he wrote and played everything himself, from drums, synths, bass and mixed the album in his personal studio. Intriguingly, though, it essentially happened by accident. "Nothing is that intentional," he says. "Music is a huge, impulsive process for me..."

An intense studio figure, Roosevelt is guided by his emotional connection to the music. It's not something he wants to limit, either – from yacht rock to house euphoria to sub-zero techno, he's drawn to all forms of dance music. It's right there in the title - ‘Polydans' - a reference to his multi-faceted take on club culture.  "The album to me is a collection of all the different forms of dance music that influenced me in the studio. No matter how different some of the songs may be, dance is the underlying foundation to the whole album," said Marius. "I realized this most as I was starting to dance in the studio as soon as I liked something that I did. As if I was the creator and the consumer at the same time, I found it very inspiring to try to write something where I couldn't resist moving around the room."

The results are dazzling. "Sign" is a pared back piece of hyper-melodic digitalism, with Roosevelt working with little more than a pulsating antique drum machine as the bedrock. "Closer To My Heart" is yacht rock viewed through a club lens, reminiscent of everyone from the Doobie Brothers to Kurt Vile. "See You Again" aches with the pain of parting, its electronic heart bleeding with human experience, while the extravagant "Strangers" moves from French house to a string quartet via the divine backing vocals from Kat Frankie, so emotive and so alluring. Roosevelt's warm emotional touch drives Polydans forward, this push and pull between the body and the mind. "Lovers" grapples with 80s synth euphoria, an ode to formative influences such as Pet Shop Boys or The Human League, while disco opus "Echoes" drips with bittersweet nostalgia before its uplifting resolution.

  1. Easy Way Out
  2. Strangers
  3. Feels Right
  4. Closer to My Heart
  5. Montjuic
  6. Forget
  7. See You Again
  8. Lovers
  9. Echoes
  10. Sign


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