Don Cherry - Cherry Jam (LP)

Don Cherry - Cherry Jam (LP)
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A Gearbox vinyl release with all the usual Japanese elements, including obi-strip and liner note translations. - 4 tracks of previously unreleased Don Cherry material, including 3 new compositions. - Recorded in 1965, Copenhagen, Denmark. - True AAA pressing from the original tapes. (Analogue recording, analogue mix, analogue master) - A Gearbox Cut, meaning a premium pressing courtesy of Gearbox Records' vintage and modern mastering house, - 45rpm for optimised sound quality.

Don Cherry - cornet
Mogens Bollerup - tenor saxophone
Atli Bjørn - piano
Benny Nielsen - bass
Simon Koppel - drums

1. The Ambassador From Greenland
2. You Took Advantage Of Me
3. Priceless
4. Nigeria

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