Pilgrim - Misery Wizard (2LP)

Pilgrim - Misery Wizard (2LP)
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Special extended vinyl 2LP reissue of Pilgrim's cult Misery Wizard album, originally released in 2012 and dedicated to the memory of Jon Rossi. It includes two extra bonus tracks, "Return of Astaroth" and "Gryphon Rider," from the band's unfinished third album. This legendary doom classic is pressed on three sides of vinyl for extra heavy fidelity and crushing sound, with the bonus tracks on the fourth side. Exclusive brand new liner notes provided by Albert Witchfinder (Reverend Bizarre) and Eric Heath-Dittrich offer deeper insight into the album and Pilgrim's legacy. Mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Paradise Lost, Cathedral).

Misery Wizard is a sonic journey through a strange and mystical legend. Hidden within are the twisted tales of the evil demons, ancient aliens and powerful sorcerers that once inhabited the dark realms of our fable. The band wanted to make a record that harnessed the foreboding sounds of classic doom metal and mesh it with tales of high-fantasy.


  1. Astaroth
  2. Misery Wizard
  3. Quest
  4. Masters Of The Sky


  1. Adventurer
  2. Forsaken Man
  3. Return Of Astaroth (Bonus Track)
  4. Gryphon Rider (Bonus Track)

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