Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element, Pt. I (2LP+CD)

Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element, Pt. I (2LP+CD)
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In 2020, Pain of Salvation have already shattered expectations with the release of their latest studio album PANTHER, but Swedish progressive metal / rock innovators are not finished yet: To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its original release, the third Pain of Salvation album, The Perfect Element, Pt. I, is to be resurrected in a completely remixed and remastered form, with the title The Perfect Element, Pt. I (Anniversary Mix 2020). Following on from the widely praised remix of classic PoS album Remedy Lane in 2016, the new version of The Perfect Element, Pt. I promises to repeat the trick with this perennially revered fan favourite full-length.

01. Used (Anniversary Mix 2020) (05:23)
02. In the Flesh (Anniversary Mix 2020) (08:39)
03. Ashes (Anniversary Mix 2020) (04:27)
04. Morning on Earth (Anniversary Mix 2020) (04:35)
05. Idioglossia (Anniversary Mix 2020) (08:30)
06. Her Voices (Anniversary Mix 2020) (07:56)
07. Dedication (Anniversary Mix 2020) (04:02)
08. King of Loss (Anniversary Mix 2020) (09:51)
09. Reconciliation (Anniversary Mix 2020) (04:30)
10. Song for the Innocent (Anniversary Mix 2020) (03:03)
11. Falling (Anniversary Mix 2020) (01:53)
12. The Perfect Element (Anniversary Mix 2020) (10:13)
13. Epilogue (Anniversary Mix 2020) (03:14)


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