Olafur Arnalds - Some Kind Of Peace (CD)

Olafur Arnalds - Some Kind Of Peace (CD)
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Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and composer Ólafur Arnalds releases the new album, Some Kind Of Peace, inspired by a conversation he had with a close friend. "He started talking about how we can't control anything that happens to us," Ólafur recalled. "All we can do is control how we react to what life gives us. That just totally clicked; to me the music symbolises that reaction. It was one of those moments where suddenly everything you're doing makes sense." All the collaborators on the album were key to Ólafur's life during the making of the album, including British musician Bonobo, Icelandic singer and multi-instrumentalist JFDR, and his friend Josin, a German singer-songwriter.

  1. Loom
  2. Woven Song
  3. Spiral
  4. Still / Sound
  5. Back To The Sky
  6. Zero
  7. New Grass
  8. The Bottom Line
  9. We Contain Multitudes
  10. Undone


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