Monsieur Minimal - Easteria (LP)

Monsieur Minimal - Easteria (LP)
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Format: LP
Label: MO.MI.
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Following the great impression from his last three singles Release Me, Easteria and Tonight (feat. Rosey Blue) now Monsieur Minimal presents his whole new album with the figurative title "Easteria” (coming from the two words: East + Ηysteria).

The sound of Easteria album is influenced by the analogue vintage sound of 70's  based in genres like blues, soul, folk and modern psychedelic music under the unique Pop Aesthete filter of Monsieur Minimal.

1. Easteria
2. Release Me
3. Tonight feat (Rosey Blue)
4. Only to hold me
5. Blues Vintage feat (Evita Malafouri)
6. White and Black Angel

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