Foxboro Hot Tubs ‎- Stop Drop And Roll!!! (Coloured LP)

Foxboro Hot Tubs ‎- Stop Drop And Roll!!! (Coloured LP)
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Foxboro Hot Tubs is the garage rock side project of Green Day, formed in 2007. The band includes all members of Green Day, touring members Jason White and Jason Freese, and Kevin Preston of Prima Donna As of 2020, the band includes all members of Green Day and their touring members after Preston became a touring member of Green Day in 2019. Their first album Stop Drop and Roll!!! was released on April 22, 2008. The name "Foxboro Hot Tubs" is the alias Green Day uses to book secret shows. When performing as Foxboro Hot Tubs, Billie Joe Armstrong and Jason White go by the names Reverend Strychnine Twitch and Frosco Lee respectively.


  1. Stop Drop And Roll 2:23
  2. Mother Mary 2:46
  3. Ruby Room 2:01
  4. Red Tide 2:58
  5. Broadway 3:30
  6. She's A Saint Not A Celebrity 2:26
  7. Sally 3:02
  8. Alligator 2:25
  9. The Pedestrian 2:15
  10. 27th Ave. Shuffle 2:50
  11. Dark Side Of Night 2:57
  12. Pieces Of Truth 3:04

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