Llorca Featuring Lady Bird - My Precious Thing (12" Vinyl)

Llorca Featuring Lady Bird - My Precious Thing (12" Vinyl)
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Format: 12"
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(25th Anniversary Edition) Originally released on F Communications 2001
If we were to define Llorca's music, we could sum it up as a mixture of electronic and acoustic music, inspired by the heritage of black African-American music - from blues to jazz, from soul to techno. Born in 1974 in the north of France, Ludovic, immersed in funk and disco from his childhood by his mother, an accomplished clubber and a lover of black-American music, and father, for his part, was one of the first French programmer analysts. His father was so in love with these machines, he offered his 11-year-old son one of the first personal computers. With a father fond of computers and a mother in love with music, Ludovic naturally began to make music with computers!

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