Paradise Lost - Draconian Times: 25th Anniversary (2CD)

Paradise Lost - Draconian Times: 25th Anniversary (2CD)
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The long-awaited re-issue of the much adored, Draconian Times. Available lovingly pressed onto heavyweight audiophile approved vinyl, housed in a gatefold artwork sleeve, and presented on select and limited vinyl variants. The special 25th anniversary edition also sees the vaults opened to provide a deluxe CD version that comes with a definitive disc of bonus, rare and unreleased material from the Draconian Times era. Furnished with new liner notes, never seen before deep dive into the album’s lyrical themes, and exclusive memories from Paradise Lost this is a must for fans and completists alike.

A deluxe double CD, lovingly encased in a premium hard book cover, complete with a 24 page artwork booklet including updated liner notes, memories from the band and exclusive never seen before content provided by Paradise Lost fans. Those who contributed are also acknowledged, by name, in the thank you section. Disc 1 features remastered audio from the 2011 Legacy Edition, and Disc 2 provides a bonus disc of rare and unreleased material from the Draconian Times era.

Disc 1

  1. Enchantment
  2. Hallowed Land
  3. The Last Time
  4. Forever Failure
  5. Once Solemn
  6. Shadowkings
  7. Elusive Cure
  8. Yearn For Change
  9. Shades Of God
  10. Hands Of Reason
  11. I See Your Face
  12. Jaded
Disc 2
  1. Shadowkings (BBC Live Session)
  2. Sweetness (BBC Live Session)
  3. Once Solemn (BBC Live Session)
  4. Yearn For Change (BBC Live Session)
  5. The Last Time (Demo)
  6. Forever Failure (Demo)
  7. Shadow Kings (Demo)
  8. I See Your Face (Demo)
  9. Hallowed Land (Demo)
  10. Hand of Reason (Demo)
  11. Last Desire (Demo)
  12. Masters of Misrule (Demo)
  13. Walk Away (Sisters of Mercy Cover)


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