David Gray - White Ladder: 20th Anniversary (Coloured 4LP Box Set)

David Gray - White Ladder: 20th Anniversary (Coloured 4LP Box Set)
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David Gray‘s best selling album White Ladder is reissued for its 20th anniversary!

His fourth studio album failed to chart when first released in 1998, but became an enormous success when re-released on ATO Records in 2000. The album spawned five singles including ‘Babylon’, ‘Please Forgive Me’ and ‘Sail away’ and has now sold over three million copies in the UK alone.

The anniversary reissue offers the album remastered, alongside a series of previously unreleased and rare White Ladder-era B-sides and demos (including ‘Over My Head’ which you can preview, above). These tracks are offered as a 4LP set, which the album on two white vinyl records and the associated tracks on two black vinyl LPs. It comes with a 40-page booklet, which includes lyrics, photos and David Gray’s personal notes on the people involved and the stories behind some of the songs and most memorable shows.

LP 1 (white vinyl)
1. Please Forgive Me – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
2. Babylon – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
3. My Oh My – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
4. We’re Not Right – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
5. Nightblindness – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray

LP 2 (white vinyl)
1. Silver Lining – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
2. White Ladder – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
3. This Year’s Love – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
4. Sail Away – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray
5. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – (2020 Remaster) – David Gray

LP 3 (black vinyl)
1. Lights Of London
2. Over My Head
3. Monday Morning
4. Tired Of Me
5. Roots Of Love
6. Walking In Circles

LP 4 (black vinyl)
1. Through To Myself
2. Over My Head – Demo
3. What On Earth – Demo
4. Silver Lining – Demo
5. This Year’s Love – Demo
6. Please Forgive Me – Demo

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