Grave Digger - Fields Of Blood (LP)

Grave Digger - Fields Of Blood (LP)
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With metal anthems like "Heavy Metal Breakdown" Grave Digger belong to one of the most formative and influential bands of the German metal scene since the beginning of the 80s - 2020 heralds the 40th anniversary of the Teutonic Metal Masters!

The band's ethos has not changed, yet Grave Digger sound more modern and timeless than ever before. On their 20th studio album the band around frontman Chris Boltendahl completes their epic Highlands history, Fields of Blood is the continuation of their legendary triology after "Tunes Of War" and "The Clans Will Rise Again", and a true sound battle of unique traditional metal!

Driving riff masterpieces like "All For The Kingdom", or the epic anthem "Lions Of The Sea" promise catchy tunes and neck muscle training, at the same time Fields Of Blood takes us to the vastness of Scotland on a journey through explosive soundscapes. As a very special highlight on "Thousand Tears" no one less than Battle Beasts Noora with her incomparable voice ennobles the probably most moving metal ballad of the year in duet with Boltendahl!

For the 40th anniversary of the band Grave Digger complete their legendary Highland triology in a sound battle of pure heavy metal: Fields Of Blood is epic, modern and timeless like never before!

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