Triptykon with the Metropole Orkest - Requiem (CD)

Triptykon with the Metropole Orkest - Requiem (CD)
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TRIPTYKON with the Metropole Orkest - “Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019)” marks the bombastic conclusion of a project over 30 years in the making: The legendary Celtic Frost/Triptykon "Requiem" performed for the first time in its entirety and with full classical orchestration (by the Dutch Metropole Orkest). “Requiem” (46:00 min.) is composed of three chapters: 1. "Rex Irae" (06:34 min. / First appeared on 1987’s “Into The Pandemonium” album by Celtic Frost) 2. "Grave Eternal" (32:28 min. / Newly written middle part) and 3. "Winter" (06:54 / First appeared on 2006’s “Monotheist” album by Celtic Frost).

01. Rex Irae (Requiem, Chapter One: Overture - Live at Roadburn 2019) (06:34)
02. Grave Eternal (Requiem, Chapter Two: Transition - Live at Roadburn 2019) (32:28)
03. Winter (Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale - Live at Roadburn 2019) (06:54)


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