Toto - Hydra (LP)

Toto - Hydra (LP)
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Few ensembles in the history of recorded music have had a larger imprint on pop culture than Toto. The band took a page from their heroes The Beatles playbook and created a collective that features multiple singers, songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists led by guitarist Steve Lukather, keyboardist David Paich and drummer Jeff Porcaro. Toto's parade of enduring, evocative singles started with their double platinum eponymous 1978 debut, a winning combination of superior musicianship, studio skills and innate melodic sensibility. Gold-certified 1979 follow-up Hydra exhibited a slightly harder edge and featured the hit single "99," inspired by George Lucas' THX-1138.

  1. Hydra
  2. St. George and the Dragon
  3. 99
  4. Lorraine
  5. All Us Boys
  6. Mama
  7. White Sister
  8. A Secret Love

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