Parov Stelar - Voodoo Sonic: The Trilogy Part 1/3 (12" Vinyl)

Parov Stelar - Voodoo Sonic: The Trilogy Part 1/3 (12" Vinyl)
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Concerts by successful musicians often have an air of church-mass: Fans pay homage to their idols, hailing them, giving the impression of following them blindly. Parov Stelar, a globally successful musician from Austria, is one such artist. Is this art of seduction a kind of Voodoo, Black Magic even? Who can tell? It makes no difference whatsoever, as to his fans Parov Stelar easily passes as a High-Priest of grooves, perfectly able to offset their frenzy.
In Voodoo, Bondieu, a higher being communicates to the masses through priests called Loas. Parov Stelar manages to do so with his music. The seed for „Voodoo Sonic“ had been sown. At the same time the idea to replace the conventional album with several EPs emerged as well, allowing greater musical freedom and the possibility to explore the many sonic landscapes of „Voodoo Sonic“.
„Go Wake Up“ is the first track coming from the Parov Stelar Voodoo-universe. The song is a close collaboration with Lilja Bloom who has been more than Parov Stelar’s muse for a long time. And in true Voodoo fashion the song’s groove grabs you immediately, never letting go again.
„Voodoo Sonic“, the EP’s title track, with its compelling samples is pure Parov Stelar, driving and danceable whereas Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest fame) emerges as quite some Voodoo-seducer in „Number One MC“. With „The Fall“ the EP comes full circle as it is another collaboration with Lilja Bloom. It’s a cinemascope-like sound that truly marks the song as something special. Voodoo Sonic – The Trilogy Part 1/3 – now available as 12”.

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