Rage - Perfect Man (Limited 2LP)

Rage - Perfect Man (Limited 2LP)
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Limited Edition Vinyl 2LP (300 copies), incl. 7 bonustracks and insert

Still after so much decades, RAGE from Herne are a legend in the German Metal scene. The first two albums "Reign Of Fear" and "Execution Guaranteed" have already had a vinyl re-release through us. Now it’s time for the third output "Perfect Man" from 1988. With “Perfect Man” RAGE grew out of the juvenile and elemental early works and presented the whole mixture a bit more sophisticated and mellow. The first pure Power Metal influences can be heard in "Don’t Fear The Winter", "Time And Place" has thrilling, ballad-like moments to offer. At that time Peavy was still able to hold the high falsetto-like screams very well ("Supersonic Hydromatic"!), but at the time the trio was significantly more mature and well-versed due to the back then newcomers Manni Schmidt and Chris Efthimiadis. "Perfect Man" comes as a double vinyl with four previously unreleased bonus tracks and seven live versions (including an acoustic version). Of course, the two tracks "Symbols Of Our Fear" and "Neurotic", which were only released on CD at that time, are now also on "black gold". A must-have for all RAGE historians!

Side A
1. Wasteland
2. In The Darkest Hour
3. Animal Instinct
4. Perfect Man
5. Sinister Thinking
6. Supersonic Hydromatic
7. Death In The Afternoon
Side B
8. Don't Fear the Winter
9. A Pilgrims Path
10. Time And Place
11. Round Trip
12. Between The Lines
13. Symbols Of Our Fear
14. Neurotic
Side C
1. Between The Lines (Live, Bonustrack)
2. Roundtrip (Live, Bonustrack)
3. Live Hard And Heavy (Bonustrack)
a) Wasteland
b) Echoes Of Evil
c) Animal Instinct
d) Don’t Fear The Winter
e) Mental Decay
Side D
4. Like A Gun With A Twisted Barrel (Bonustrack)
5. Sing Of The Times (Bonustrack)
6. The Element Of Crime (Bonustrack)
7. The Last Farewell (Bonustrack)

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