Kreator - London Apocalypticon: Live At The Roundhouse (Coloured 2LP)

Kreator - London Apocalypticon: Live At The Roundhouse (Coloured 2LP)
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Clear/black splatter double vinyl with special pop up gatefold cover limited to 500 copies

Recorded during the "Gods Of Violence" tour with over 150 shows in 5 continents.

Another great live release of the Thrash Metal veteran KREATOR. "London Apocalypticon" captures the live atmosphere perfectly, and gives the listener the feeling not only to be there but right in the middle !!

1. The Four Horsemen/Choir Of The Damned
2. Enemy Of God
3. Hail To The Hordes
4. Awakening Of The Gods
5. People Of The Lie
6. Gods Of Violence
7. Satan Is Real
8. Mars Mantra
9. Phantom Antichrist
10. Fallen Brother
11. Flag Of Hate
12. Phobia
13. Hordes Of Chaos
14. The Patriarch
15. Violent Revolution
16. Pleasure To Kill
17. Apocalypticon

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