Mick Jagger - Goddess In The Doorway (2LP)

Mick Jagger - Goddess In The Doorway (2LP)
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Pete Townshend was a central figure behind Mick Jagger's fourth solo album, 2001's Goddess in the Doorway, having heard some of Mick's demos and telling him that they didn't sound like Stones songs and that he should record them on his own. Lead single "God Gave Me Everything" was co-written and co-produced by Lenny Kravitz who also played guitar and bass on the track. Mick enlisted five other co-producers on the record including Marti Frederiksen (a frequent collaborator with Aerosmith in the '90s), Matt Clifford (a Stones/Jagger collaborator since the Steel Wheels days), Chris Potter (The Verve), and Wyclef Jean (The Fugeesand his partner Jerry Duplessis. Pete Townshend, Jim Keltner, Bono, Joe Perry and Rob Thomas all make guest appearances.


  1. Visions Of Paradise
  2. Joy
  3. God Gave Me Everything
  4. Dancing In The Starlight
  5. Hide Away
  6. Don't Call Me Up


  1. Goddess In The Doorway
  2. Lucky Day
  3. Everybody Getting High
  4. Gun
  5. Too Far Gone
  6. Brand New Set Of Rules

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