Solace - The Brink (Digi CD)

Solace - The Brink (Digi CD)
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The new album of driving, NWOBHM-meets-stoner metal from the Jersey shorecore legends!

Evolving from Headbanger's Ball alum Godspeed, South Jersey's SOLACE helped found the first wave of US stoner metal with their timeless debut "Further," dropping 50-ton slabs of next-level riffage every few years up to their acclaimed "A.D" album in 2010.  An epic return, "The Brink" is a glorious double-album of NWOBHM dual-guitar attack, weighty doom power and riff-drunk sea shanties.  Legends!

  1. Breaker Of The Way
  2. Desert Coffin
  3. Dead Sailors Dream
  4. Waste People
  5. The Light Is A Lie
  6. Crushing Black
  7. Bird Of Ill Omen (Remix)
  8. Shallows Fade
  9. The Brink
  10. Until The Last Dog Is Hung
  11. Dead Sailors Reprise

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